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Tooth discoloration is caused by so many things, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than true pearly whites! At Platinum Dental Care, you can walk into our office, experience a professional teeth whitening service, and leave after only one appointment with a whiter and brighter smile!

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Is teeth whitening safe?

With so many different teeth whitening options, it’s important to always know the facts before ever using any type of teeth bleaching methods. Between home remedies, over the counter solutions, and professional options, many different types of materials and chemicals are used. For your safety, consult a dental professional before using any type of teeth whitening method. At Platinum Dental Care, your teeth are always number one!

What are my teeth whitening


  • Home remedies: Do you like Pinterest much? There are many homemade teeth whitening concoctions. Some can be effective, others safe, but both are sometimes hard to come by this way. 
  • Over the counter: Prescribed teeth whitening solutions are usually safe, but make sure to consult a dental professional before using them. They tend to yield noticeable results.
  • Drugstore whiteners: Colgate, Crest, and other well-known dental brands all offer teeth whitening strips that you can get at most local stores. These whiteners can be effective, but after many uses. They can end up costing lots of money over the long haul.
  • Professional teeth whitening: This is the safest, most effective, and quickest way to whiten your teeth. It is the best option since your safety, needs, and time are all taken into account!

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