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Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

The unfortunate truth of wisdom teeth is that they cause more harm than good. Wisdom teeth are often impacted, misaligned, or only partially erupted, which can cause damage to the surrounding teeth and tissues. Even wisdom teeth that erupt normally can end up causing problems down the line with overcrowding and infection. Because of this, we at Platinum Dental Care encourage Providence citizens to contact us for a wisdom teeth removal consultation today!

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When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

The best time to have your wisdom teeth removed is as soon as possible! Wisdom teeth will usually start erupting in your late teens or early twenties, and having them removed at this age will decrease recovery time and the chance of complication. If you are past this age and have your wisdom teeth, that’s fine! You can still have your wisdom teeth removed with very little hassle.

We understand that any dental procedure can be scary, but our employees are dedicated to making your experience with us a pleasant and comfortable one. If you or your loved one has their wisdom teeth, click the link below to set up an appointment today!

The week after

Wisdom Teeth Removal:

  • Eat only soft foods
  • Avoid hot drinks and anything with caffeine or carbonation for 24 hours
  • Ice your jaw often to reduce pain and swelling
  • Take pain medication as directed by your doctor
  • Rest for first 24 hours, and avoid anything too strenuous for about a week
  • Use gauze to stop any bleeding

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