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Cavities are much easier to get nowadays than they once were. For this reason, they are more and more common among our patients. The good news is that we have just the tools to help! Sometimes, fillings are not quite enough for big cavities. For this reason, we have onlays and inlays!

We believe that you should always have options when it comes to your dental care. If you want to learn more about onlays and inlays, give us a call today!

What are onlays and inlays?

Both onlays and inlays are used to restore your teeth after they have been affected by cavities. They are used the same way as fillings but cover more of your tooth, hence why they are used for larger cavities. Although they have the same function, onlays and inlays cover two different parts of the tooth.

Onlays are used for the cusps, or “bumps” on teeth (usually molars). Inlays are used to cover the rest of the tooth, the flatter tooth surfaces. Each of them are placed on the tooth, in its respective area, and restores a tooth affected by a big cavity.

Fun facts about

Onlays & Inlays:

  • These indirect tooth restorations are made outside of the mouth
  • They are specifically made to fit your tooth
  • They are cemented into your mouth onto your tooth
  • They are affordable and safe
  • They can be placed in just one appointment

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